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TIPS on Military Ball Gowns
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TIPS FOR MILITARY BALL HAIRSTYLE AND MAKEUP View our FaceBook Page. The Rose Dress is TOTALLY DEDICATED to serving you.PAYPAL ACCEPTED at The Rose Dress Inc


When going to a military ball, your hair can make or break your overall look. Consider your dress and choose a hairstyle that will accent your dress style. If you are wearing a strapless dress, wear your hair up so it shows your shoulder and back. And if you are wearing a low-cut dress, either in the front or back, wear your hair down so it draws the eye lower.

• Curly Hair

If you have a curly hair, consider it loose and flowing. If you have natural curly hair, lightly spray it for soft control and natural-looking curls. For tight, corkscrew-type curls, use a curling iron or small-barrel hot rollers. For soft, tight curls, set wet hair with bobby pins. This type will look great with strapless dresses. Pull hair into tight circles and pin them against your head until the hair is dry. If you have short curly hair, an option is to leave it loose and bouncy.

• Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has a natural, classic look. So, if your hair is wavy type, lightly spray it to ensure that your look will hold and not frizz. And if your hair is long and straight, but you prefer a wavy look, use a curling iron design to create a wave pattern. With the right tools it is possible to get the look of a classic movie star. Wavy hair works with strapless dresses. But the dress has to be just right for the length of the hair.

• Straight Hair

Straight hair has a sleek, timeless look that is great for military balls. If you have a long hair make sure that there are no kinks or bump in the hair. People with naturally curly or wavy hair may have a difficult time achieving this look. But you can always ask a professional hair stylist to create the look for you. This hair type will look great with strapless dress, too.

• Semi Up-Do

If you fancy the look of an up-do, but also likes to have your hair down. You can do your hair half up and half down. To do this, pull the top layer of your hair up and off your face. It can be started at the crown of your head, with sections pulled back, or softly pulled back towards the middle of the hair.

• Up-Do

An up-do hairstyle keeps your hair off your face and it also shows off your dress. Up-dos can be ornate or simple. An example of ornate up-do is a style that involves twists or braids and curls. A professional hair stylist may be required to achieve the look, if you are not comfortable creating the elaborate styles. Or you may opt for a classic up-do which is just a simple bun.

Choose a hairstyle that is best to complement your overall look. Keep in mind that if your hair is extravagant, go for a lighter touch of makeup. However if your hairdo is simple, add a little more makeup. Remember that little detail like your hair will make a difference on how you look. So, if you do not wish to be off on an important event like the military ball, follow the tips above to achieve a smashing, truly irresistible look. Have fun!



Foundation is the key to smoothing out your skin tone and providing a base for the rest of your makeup. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Apply foundation with sponge not with your fingers over your face, neck and your earlobe. Apply concealer to dark circles under your eyes, blemishes, and scars. Remember to always apply foundation on clean and moisturized face.


Face powder is used sometimes after foundation to set the foundation and to minimize shines on face. If you have oily skin, face powder is the ideal makeup for you all day long. There are two types of face powder: Loose and Pressed type. Loose powder has a light air consistency. It gives your face a smooth and matte finish. It also stays longer than the pressed one. Loose powder is ideal for oily skin. Pressed powder, on the other hand, is best for dry skin especially when applied during winter season. It is a compact form of foundation, powder and oil. You can use pressed powder solely, even without makeup base. Do remember to always use brush or puff when applying face powder, whether loose or pressed. Also, do not use large amount of powder at a time. Your application should be in downward stroke or in the direction of your facial hair. Do not forget to apply face powder on both sides of your face, jaw line and neck. Lastly, Brush off the excess powder from your skin.


The choice of color of the eye shadow depends on the color of your skin and on the time it is being used. When you buy eye shadow, there are different types available apart from the color. So, here are tips on how to choose eye shadow that is best for you.

• Creme Type Eye Shadow
This type of eye shadow gives shiny glossy look and it blends well. Since it tends to gather creases over time, this type is recommended for dry to normal skin.

• Matte Type Eye Shadow
They are ideal for making bold statement as they are rich in color. The sheer and shimmer are two types that are special kind of eye shadow that accentuate the look of the eye by just giving tint of color rather coloring completely. The sheer is almost see-through which go well when combined with matter or cream eye shadow. This type of eye shadow is good for all skin types.

• Liquid Type Eye Shadow
This is a variety which gives a wet look to the eye. It also acts as a good base to powdered eye shadow. As this type of eye shadow is not very popular, the choice of color is very limited. Since they are very much like the crème variety, they are suitable for the normal and dry skin only.

Don’t match your eye shadow to your dress. Choose an eye shadow that complements your eye color (opposite the color wheel) and your skin complexion. If you have blue or grey eyes, choose brown, tan, or violet never use bright blue or blue. If your eyes are green, use darker shade of eye shadow especially brown. Brown-eyed women could wear any color but consider your complexion, as well as your hair color. Choosing the right eye shadow accordingly will make the color of your eye pop without overpowering them. But, if you are set in wearing blue or green eye shadow, choose a pale shade preferably with shimmer. Sweep it across your eyelid or very lightly, all the way up to your eyelid. This is especially attractive to girls with olive complexion or darker skin tones. Avoid eye shadow with large flecks of glitter, not only it is a bit much but at the end of the day the glitter will have fallen all over your cheeks. Finally, to apply create a base all over the eye with light color. Then, apply the darker color over the lid. If you have highlighter, apply it last. For further makeup, you can use a tint of white near the tear duct to make eyes more shiny ad attractive. The general rule is not to use darker color near eyebrows. It will make eyes look more shadowy.


In choosing your lip color you will need to consider the color of your dress. If you are wearing peach or orange toned gown, your lip color should have similar undertones. If dress color is in red or pink, your lipstick should come in those color families.Consider your eye makeup too. One or the other should be dramatic not both. If you’re going glam with eye shadow, choose subdued lip color or vice versa. This will make you look sophisticated not overly made up.

List of four combination of skin and hair color:

• Fair Complexion with Blonde or Light Brown Hair Color

Those with fair skin and light color hair like blonde or light brown can wear pinkish or purple shade of lip color. Fair complexion goes well with candy pink and red gloss. In addition, you can also try tangy or juicy shade of orange.

• Dark Complexion with Dark or Black Hair Color

For those with dark or olive skin tones, lipsticks and gloss in deep shade of cherry red and violets look great. In addition, you can opt for rich plum shades if you are not so easy with violet ones. Brownish pink shade can also be the perfect one to choose.

• Fair Complexion with Deep or Dark Hair Color

Fair complexion can wear any color in their lips. If your hair color is black or in deep brown shade, go for a different shade in brown and beige. Tangy or juicy strawberry red lip gloss is also perfect for you.

• Hair Color in Red Shade

Red color shades are suitable to any skin tone and perfectly matches a red color lipstick. But the most suitable color for this combination will be coral red shades or deep berry red shades. You can also go for colors in brown or beige shades in matte finish.


Choose a shade that looks liked your cheeks when flushed. Apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks, and blend towards the sides of your face. There is no need to contour your cheekbones. But be sure your blush doesn’t clash with your lipstick. Do not mix coral, red and plums; always stick with one color family.

Round Face
In applying brush to a round face, the purpose is to slenderize the face. It is better to apply the blush on the sides of the cheekbones. And, blend it up using your fingers. It appends the length of your face. Finally, apply hint of blush over the chin and blend it similarly.

Square Face
Blush for square face should be applied with same width on the cheekbone. You have to blend it towards the temple. And apply blush on the forehead and chin. This way will soften the squarish angle of your face.

Rectangle Face
For rectangular face, you should apply blush on the outer corner of your cheekbone. And then, carefully blend it. Make sure not to blend it downward.

Oval Face
For oval face, locate the most prominent part of your cheekbone. This is where you should apply your blush. The blending of the blush should be towards the temple. Doing this, will highlight the cheekbone and bring out your pretty shape.

Finishing Touches
-Don’t overdo the eyeliner. A firm dark line is fine but don’t draw all the way around the eye.

-Tweeze your eyebrow. If you are not adept to do this, you may have them done. A well-shaped brow frames the face and opens up your eye area. Don’t over pluck, ultra thin brow are out. Fill in any sparse area with pencil or powder that matches your brow as exactly as possible.

-Use concealer on blemishes and pimples. Don’t use shade that is lighter than your foundation.

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