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Plus size ladies used to have hard time searching for dresses that is as equally trendy as worn by women in average sizes. Most of the time then, curvaceous ladies have no choice but to wear something loose and dark but as fashion experts become aware of the need of fashionable apparel for these ladies, plus sizes are no longer like needle in a haystack anymore. Many plus size dresses nowadays carry individual style and design that complement plus size females. So, there are lots to choose from nowadays. But for you standout in any event, here are few simple tips you should keep in mind when choosing or buying your plus size outfit:

• Know Your Measurement.
Getting your measurement is especially important when you choose to buy your dress online. Your size may differ from sizes you usually take from dresses in the mall so it is best that you know your measurement. Most importantly, this saves you time and money in returning back a dress in case it didn’t fit you. However, if you do not know how to measure yourself, ask someone to do it for you or ask professional assistance from dress shops who knows how to accurately get measurements.

• Know The Manufacturer’s Sizing.
It is recommended that before you submit an order or purchase a dress is to see the size chart. Dresses that are sold online differ in sizes from off the rack dresses. They likewise differ per designer so never miss out to check the size chart and compare your actual measurement to the measurement of the sizes for the dress.

• Buy Online.
Choose to shop online; not only there are varying styles to select from; you are able to get best deal, beautiful dresses and dresses that aren’t commonly worn by many.

• Stay Away From Loose/Shapeless Clothing.
Avoid loose/shapeless dresses; it doesn’t complement your body shape. Shapeless oversized dresses will only make you look heavier and lousy so choose one that accentuates your fuller figure and displays your favorite part while hiding your least favored ones. An empire style and an A-line dress look good for women who belong to this category.

• Pick A Dress In Monotone Color.
Black is slimming. This may be true but you cannot wear black all the time or each time you buy a dress. So, consider monotone color dresses as this gives flattering effect as black dresses was.

• Consider The Length Of The Dress.
Many plus size women choose long length dresses to hide as much skin as possible but three-quarter length dresses that shows part of the calves are flattering. It gives the illusion of height as it is slimming. And if you choose to wear short dresses, better pair it with stiletto sandals for a lengthy look, as short dresses makes plus size women appear shorter.

• Know The Fabric.
Select fabrics like silk, jersey, linen or nylon. These fabrics have great slimming effect for plus size women while loose or too flimsy fabric has contrary effect as it clings to wrong part of the body.

• Give Attention To The Design And Pattern.

- Horizontal Stripes. Horizontal stripes draw the eye from side to side which will add weight, so women who belong to plus size measurement should stay away from this pattern as this adds more weight than you already have.

- Large Floral Patterns. Fashion experts used to recommend large floral pattern dresses for plus size women to hide trouble zones and switch glance on dresses instead of the body. But things have changed now, plus size body is something that should not be ashamed of and covered up, so stay away from large floral patterned dresses if you do not wish to look like you’re wearing a table cloth or a furniture cover.

- Small Pattern. Plus size women aiming to cut weight commit mistake by wearing dresses with small pattern but it however gives the contrary effect. Small delicate pattern is something plus size women should stay way from. Instead, stick to pattern that match your body type.

- Textured Pattern And Fabrics. Textured pattern and fabric is a no-no for plus size women. It confused the eye and perceives that the body is bulky and baggy.

- Round Pattern. Round pattern like balloons, balls, flowers and other rounded shape pattern accentuate wrong part of your body. So, go for straight lines and bold pattern, it complements your body type wonderfully.

- Mixed Pattern Combination. Although mixed pattern is not something you should totally avoid, visualize how it makes your body look. Pattern that changed between the bust and stomach will make your stomach more pronounce so be extra carefully when choosing for mixed pattern dresses.

• Select Complementing Style And Cut.
Style and cut also affect how the dress looks on plus size women. With careful selection on what style and cut look best for you, plus size women will look smashing and sexy. Busty plus size women looks good on low cut necklines, U shaped necklines, halter style dresses, dress with lace on the neckline, dresses with wide straps, fitted bust top dresses, wrap dresses are indispensable for plus size women.

• Choose Comfy Dress.
Make sure that your dress is comfortable. Comfortability should be the top element your dress should have. If you are able to sit, stand and move with your dress, you are able to move confidently.

• Suite Your Dress To The Event.
If you are purchasing a dress for an event, know what it is and how you should dress. Knowing what type of dress to wear will not only make your shopping easy, it also keeps you from choosing dresses that do not meet your criteria.

• Also see: Advice on Plus Size Formal Fashion form

Following the simple tips above will help you plus size ladies not to become a fashion victim. But instead let you wear fashionable clothes that complements your body type and make you self assured in any event you are attending to.  -- therosedress--

Who says women with fuller stature do not have option when it comes to dresses! TheRose presents the “Plus size” section with wider choices now. We boast on Nari Anna 5012; designed with straight across neckline having floral vine ornamentation on both pleated straps; the straps are stretching down below like over tops on the bodice and gathered in belt like fashion at the upper hips which is decorated with the same ornament as shown on the straps. This dress does not overly expose your full bust but instead tone down your bounty nicely. The broad shoulder strap will be great to complement your shoulder and arms. Heads up! Your aura radiates an air of confidence if you feel confident from within.
There is no other shopping site that understands a woman’s need than TheRose. If you are a lady with above standard measurement and still wants to think sexy, feel sexy, and look sexy we have Night Move 6355W for you. A beautiful gown featured by its sweetheart neckline with plunging back and high leg slit; the ruched bodice of the dress is accented with glittering jewel sashed in asymmetrical style for added attention. This gown is sexy and will best showcase your asset: your bust. Since the upper portion of the dress is sort of exposed, this area will draw more attention and the high slit at the side will bring allure to the woman wearing this. So, be confident all the time, you’ll never know this might be your lucky day so make it a perfect day when you wear NM-6355W!
TheRose has given you opportunity to free your inner self thru our wide choices of beautiful and exceptional quality dresses. NM-6376W is one of them; this is a single shoulder dress in smooth chiffon fabric. The empire style will very well create a nice shape to your hips as it cascade in soft floor length skirt. Oh, let’s not forget the shimmering set-off on the bust line that gives a rather distinctive look to this piece. This is a dress you must not miss out! Suitable for all season, may it be winter, spring, autumn and summer. Step out of your comfort zone and join the fun the modern fashionable world has to offer!

Prom is an event eagerly looked forward to by our young ones. This is the time where young ladies spend time and effort preparing and getting the right prom dress. Dresses and look that might break or make them. Thus, considerable attention must be given so that the prom of your daughter is something she would not be embarrassed remembering with in the future. Every girl has its likes and preferences so do not neglect their opinion combine it with knowledge on what proper prom dress fitting for her skin tone and body type. You would not go wrong. Also, keep in mind that this is your daughter’s event; you would not want your daughter to wear a prom dress that she does not like or not comfortable wearing to. So, while choosing for her prom dress merit her preferences. Moms worry no more, TheRose can help you. Just go to our prom page and choose a category suitable to meet the kind of prom dress you and your daughter intended to buy. If you have questions and doubts you may ask assistance via email, live chat or calling our customer service hotline. Get your prom dress at an affordable price and take advantage of our free shipping promotion for orders that reaches $150
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